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Welcome Women Visionaries of the World

Join the Monthly New Moon to New Moon Level Up Challenges

The year 2023 will bring greater change and we are therefore in need of greater resilience. I invite you to join the New Moon to New Moon Level Up Challenge, where we will come together as a community and through support and accountability, level up our living in one of these particular areas: physical, relational, financial, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Healthy Woman

January 14 - February 10


January 14 - February 10

Do you know you need to eat healthier, lose weight, and/or start a workout regiment that you stick with? Are you lacking the willpower, motivation,  resources, and any other excuse not to make the changes to live the healthy life you desire?   Level up and create a lifestyle that will allow you to feel better, look better, think better, be better!



Happy Woman


February 11 - March 12

Do you find yourself operating in your masculine energy a lot? Do you want to attract a romantic partner or become more appealing to yourself and the person you are in a relationship with? Let's level up ladies, by mastering our feminine energy and directing it to improve all our relationships.



Why New Moon to New Moon?

The New Moon is a powerful time to set intentions for goals you desire to fulfill and visions you want to create. It is at this time that we are divinely and most energetically supported and assisted in the co-creative process with God/ Universe/Higher Consciousness/Source to design our lives and make our desires a reality. 


When you intentionally use this time to set goals each month and make use of the supported energy of the universe, you will experience accelerated and measurable progress and transformation.


No more going through the motions of life and getting lost in a sea of your many thoughts and desires. Take time each month to reflect, select, visualize, will, and direct your intentions to create your reality. 




March 13 - April 10

Do you need and/or desire more money in your life? Do you desire a better relationship with money and a more concrete plan to create it and manifest more of it in your life?

Level up your financial skills, heal your relationship with money and begin making it, attracting it, and sharing more of it.





April 11 - May 10

Do you desire to have greater control of your emotion and understanding them better? Do you find yourself getting triggered and responding in a way that leaves you feeling out of character? Emotional intelligence is one of the highest personality qualities one can possess. Level up and learn how to understand, master, and redirect your emotions through the brain and heart connection for a more emotionally balanced life 



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How does the Challenge work?

You must register each month for the challenge that will focus on a particular area of life where you want to level up your living. Each week the participants who have registered will receive a Zoom link to participate in a weekly group discussion on the focus of the month.


During the discussion, you will share your goals for the month, your successes, challenges, insight, and support of one another as we seek to hold each other accountable for meeting our monthly goals.


In addition you will receive 20 minutes of training on how to level up your living in the area of focus for the month. Content, worksheets, energetic exercises, and mindset transformational assignments will be given. 


May 11- June 9

Do you find yourself sometimes stuck in your story and stuck in the past. Do you struggle with creating change in how think and feel? Let's level up by pushing our thinking to the limit by retraining our brain and renew our mindset to create and life experience we want now. 




June 10 - July 8

Do sometimes you sometimes feel spiritually disconnected, at least more that you would like to. Do you feel like there has to be more to living that what you are experiencing on a day to day bases. Level up in your spiritual walk and create a life where you feel connected to yourself and God on a daily.  



Sign Up, Get Unstuck, & Level UP!!
Which New Moon Challenges are you jioning to Level-Up your living?
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Cant' Wait to Get Unstuck and Level Up with YOU!!

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