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Get Unstuck 

& Heal Your Mother/Daughter Issues

 Healing the Rift Retreat

December 2-4, 2022

Fort Worth, Texas 

“When a bond so sacred as a mother to a child is broken, it is a slow walk to healing ” –Iyanla Vanzant

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There is no love like the nurturing love and care from a mother. The love of a mother is expected to come naturally, unconditionally, and unwavering. This love should be laced with wisdom, insight, and guidance. It should include affection and personal space, compassion, and proper discipline. A mother's love should be everlasting and accepting. 

Mothers should want the best for their daughters by preparing them for all areas of life.  They should be emotionally available.  If there is anyone, we should be able to can talk to, go to, and trust, it should be our mothers. In return, daughters should be able to love, respect, and honor their mothers at all times because they brought them into this world. Right?

All of this sounds good, however, this can not be further from the truth for some. Our expectations of what a mother/daughter relationship "should be" is a fantasy for many and it has never been their reality. 

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"Wounding mothers are themselves wounded daughters, acting out of the wounds of their own mothers." 

-Daily OM

The possible effects of a toxic mother-daughter relationship:

  • Continuous self-criticism & judgment of self & others

  • Playing blame games

  • Manipulation and emotional blackmailing

  • Guilt-tripping

  • Mental & emotional abuse

  • Codependency for emotional needs 

  • Constantly invading boundaries

  • Role-reversal

  • Feelings of jealousy, rejection & abandonment

  • Them seeking to live vicariously through their daughters

  • Growing up not knowing how to create and maintain healthy relationships

  • Distrust in creating healthy female relationships

  • Dismissive attitudes, being emotionally and/or physically unavailable

  • Distrust in self, others, and life.

Unhealed mother/daughter wounds can leave you feeling angry, unloved, and rejected. When these wounds go unhealed they can leave an inner child wound that festers and bleeds over into our everyday life. However, there is more hope for healing this wound than you know!

This retreat is for mothers and daughters:

  • Who are ready to heal their mother/daughter wound

  • Who are ready to release blame and take responsibility for their own lives

  • Who are ready to adapt to a heart of compassion and forgiveness

  • Who is willing to do the inner child work to re-parent herself

  • Who is accepting the call to heal the generational wounds in her lineage

  • Who wants to stand in love, strength, and truth regardless of whether their mother changes or not

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 wounds from an unhealthy mother/daughter relationship

Join me for a powerful intimate retreat to heal the

 This is a three-day self-healing journey to repair the rift in the relationship between mother and daughter.  This healing will breed a fresh perspective on your painful mother/daughter relationship and transform your heart.


This new state of awareness and being will be fostered through the

teaching and practice of .........

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Group Discussion

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Ancestral Clearing

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Body Trauma Release

Get Together (23).png

Guided Journal Release

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Transformational Mindset Coaching

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Elemental Purification

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Emotional Energy Healing

The retreat will be held in my home in the North Fort Worth area.

The address will be provided upon registration.


Meals are included. Space is limited.

This is a donation-based event.

The suggested donation price is between $150-$200.

Click below to book your registration call and reserve your space for healing.

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