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Get Unstuck & Attract Your Life Partner

Clear subconscious blocks that keep you from attracting a life partner

  • 1 h
  • $599 for 4 Sessions
  • Saginaw

Service Description

It is our human nature to desire companionship and connection in relationship with others. We are designed and created with an innate desire to express and experience love in all forms of relationships. In our pursuit to fulfill that longing for connection, we can move from relationship to relationship in hopes that the next person is “The One.” Only to realize months and even years later, that we missed the mark and connected once again with someone who is not in alignment with the truth of who and what we want in a romantic relationship. If you are not careful, you can create a pattern of attracting and dating person after person who does not meet your standards or your needs. Or maybe you have given up and just decided to settle. What if I told you, you don’t have to settle? You don’t have to give up on finding the person……. • Who brings out the best in you, causing you to grow in every way • You can freely share all of who you with and know that you are enough • You are overwhelmingly attracted to in countless ways • Who you can connect with effortlessly & complements you • Who’s needs you are able to meet by simply being you. These types of relationships do exist and it can exist for you. Divine love and connection is real and is attainable for you if energetically align yourself to attract this kind of relationship experience. If you desire for the next person you connect with, in a romantic relationship to be your life partner, then you want follow the Roadmap to Resonating Relationships where you will receive the revelation and healing restoration needed for manifesting and maintaining the romantic relationship of your dreams. Allow me to take you on a guided journey to heal the areas of your heart that need to be healed, from childhood to the present. Your interpretation of the experiences in your life play a huge role in establishing your core beliefs about relationships and these beliefs cannot be ignored, but need to be explored and possibly shifted to create the relationship that you desire now. If you want to experience divine love in a relationship it is important that you become aware and give attention to the core beliefs you hold about yourself and your ability to acquire the love that you seek. The Roadmap to Resonating Relationships can guide your heart to attracting the love of your life

Cancellation Policy

$25 fee if your appointment is canceled 24 hours prior to the start time.

Contact Details

  • Fort Worth, TX 76179, USA


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