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About Me & What I Do


Doing the work that I do is truly an honor and privilege.  It provides me an opportunity to assist people who are in bondage to their emotions and help them find their way out of some dark and/or uncomfortable places. It gives them insight into the unknown and helps them to identify the behind the scene factors that are playing a role in some area of dysfunction in their emotional, mental, spiritual, and/or physical body, as well as their financial and relational experiences. 

Our emotions are a powerful force and as a certified Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner and Life Transformational/Happiness Coach, I greatly enjoy equipping clients with the knowledge of the emotional and energetic blockages within their lives and assisting them in letting them go. I partner with them in tearing these blockages down and building a mindset that will aid them in maintaining a holistic lifestyle.

I use multiple energy healing modalities to intuitively craft personal sessions to give clients specifically what they need for their healing and transformation.  I am certified in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Ho'oponono Therapy, Life & Success Goals Coaching, and Release Technique.  Having trained and used each of these practices within my own life, I have overcome what some would call insuperable obstacles and trauma.  I have grown in experiential knowledge that I freely and effectively share with others. I am no longer surviving but thriving, passionately living out my soul purpose and LOVING IT!

I am enjoying and appreciating every moment in life with my phenomenal husband Rashard, and our four inspiring children Elijah, Emmanuel, Alexah, & Amaryah.

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Emotion/Body Code Practitioner

The Emotion Code© is both a tool and a process developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to assist us in identifying and releasing "trapped" emotional energies in the physical body. When we are creating thoughts, we are creating certain frequencies of energy. Our thoughts and emotions hold a  vibration that is either fear-based, or love-based, or anger-based or sorrow-based ... there are infinite possibilities.

The energies of our emotions are meant to be listened to and released in the moment. However, when we ignore our emotions, suppress them, allow them to control us, they can become trapped within our physical body.

Releasing trapped emotions helps us to create an inner environment that supports healing, regeneration, vitality and well being. Life patterns, relationships, health, and happiness improve with each trapped emotion released.

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