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Virgo New Moon 
Sacred Cleansing Ceremony

September 15-17, 2023
Wimberley, Texas

As women, how often do we have the opportunity to create the space to gather, be vulnerable, be witnessed and held? Through the work with plant medicine, breathwork, movement, prayer, & meditation, we will release what no longer serves, deepen our connection to the source of our power and remember our path in this life. 

During our weekend together we will have 2 nights of healing work with the support of plant medicine, 2 integration circles, and space to connect with one another and the pristine land where we will be holding our retreat. Our prayer is to create a safe space for women to heal and remember their power so we may lift each other up and be the force of much-needed change in this world. 



Reservations are held on a first come/first serve basis, secured by your deposit. Upon receiving your deposit, you will receive a confirmation email with more details of the event.


For more information or questions email Felicia at



$450 - $650

Sliding Scale

A "sliding scale" is offered to accommodate those who may not have the funds available to pay. Typically the donation request for such an event is $850 or more so we have discounted this event substantially.  The minimum for this weekend is $450, but if you are capable of paying more we will greatly appreciate your generosity.

To reserve your space, please use PAYPAL to send $250 via

Friends and Family Option to:

Please include your name and email address in the PayPal notes and send an email confirming your reservation to:

Once Jamie receives your email she will contact you to give you more information on the ceremony. 

We will be collecting the balance in CASH ONLY, the Friday you arrive.


Please understand that there are no refunds of deposits unless we can fill your seat (which is not guaranteed). If you want/need to cancel, you have up to 14 days before the event. We will do our best to fill your space, however, if we are unable to fill it you will not receive a refund of your deposit. And, if you want/need to cancel within 14 days of our gathering you are still responsible for the balance and there are absolutely no refunds, as trying to fill a space in such a short period of time is a disservice to the work. (Of course, if we have a long waiting list and can fill your space, we will issue a refund of your deposit and you are not responsible for the balance.)



PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this work,


We respectfully request that you DO NOT FORWARD this information to anyone.

  • If you have someone you would like to invite, please email, including their name, email and/or phone number and they will be contacted.

  • Be sure they know and understand the need for absolute discretion in communication. 

  • Also, please be vigilant and mindful of the language you use in the communication and refer to the event as a meditation/plant medicine/prayer event.  

Thank you for your understanding!



Forest Sanctuary of the One

Wimberley, Texas

This place of healing is a medicine temple nestled in the Juniper forest, surrounded by 10 acres of forested-covered hills. Their purpose is to inspire individuals to find harmony with themselves, nature, and the divine through sacred rituals and ceremonies.

The temple is a dodecagonal Maloka with a 36'diameter, loosely styled after the Manay Sonqo Maloka in Peru's sacred valley. The temple features a beautiful spiraled roof design centered over a selenite altar.

It has two ensuite bathrooms, built-in A/V support, an outdoor fire altar, outdoor showers, a pool, beautiful streams, and tranquil scenery. Participants will sleep in the ceremonial area. Refreshments & meals will be provided.


Located 1 hour from Austin, TX & 1 hour and 20 minutes from San Antonio, TX. The exact address will be provided in the confirmation email upon registration. 


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