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Get Unstuck 


Women's Fall 2020 Healing Retreat

November 21 - 22, 2020

Killeen, TX

& Heal

Women's Mini Fall Retreat

It's time to heal what hurts and......


Begin Your Healing Here.....

Experienc an incredible weekend of self-love, self-care, and self-healing.

This self-focused retreat will be experienced with like minded women seeking to get unstuck in some area of life and begin healing from the experiences and thoughts that have been holding them back.

This will be a time of Reflection, Relaxation, & Release. You will leave refreshed, renewed, and equipped with healing techniques that you can use to stay unstuck and healed. 


You will experience

  • group healing sessions including discussion, meditation & breathwork

  • one-on-one energy healing & release

  • mini relaxation massage & 

  • personal intuitive guidance readings.


Registration includes healthy meals, lodging, healing services & gifts.

Laughter and dancing are mandatory!! ​

Saturday, November 21 / 10am - 9 pm

Sunday, Novemver 22 / 9 am - 12 pm


 The retreat will take place at the Rustic Getway Townhome, in Kileen, TX.

Lodging space is limited to 6 ladies, retreat is limited to 12 ladies total. 

Fall Season is the perfect time for 

that which no longer serves you, to fall way!!!!


Felicia Garrett is the creator of the GET UNSTUCK METHOD, which helps women get unstuck in their emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical bodies so that they can heal, grow, and thrive in life. She has worked as an Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner and Transformational Life Coach for the last seven years, helping people release trapped emotions to heal from past trauma in order to create a happier life. She is a passionate teacher and healer with an alternative approach to helping women help  & heal themselves.


Von Pic.jpg

LaVone Kendrick actively serves in the United States Army, as she has done for nearly 20 years. During her time of service, she has been dedicated to helping women through the process of healing. She is a powerful and passionate speaker who provokes listeners to think for themselves, seek to know themselves, and heal themselves. She is also a certified massage therapist who believes in nurturing the body through touch and teaching others how to heal through holistic practices.  


It's time to heal what hurts and......

It's time to heal what hurts and......

What to bring with you:

  • Yoga Mat

  • Small Blanket

  • Journal

  • Wear a comfortable outfit

  • Open heart

What Are You Waiting For?  

Don’t Delay! Get Unstuck & Heal!

Claim Your Spot Today 


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