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Get Unstuck 

 Healed Girl Summer One-Day Retreat

Saturday, July 9, 2022

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Fort Worth, Texas 

*Donation-Based Pay*

& Release Toxic Relationships                  of the Past

“You can not heal in the same place where you get sick” –Our Mindful Life

Still, feeling the effects of a toxic relationship?

The TRUTH is, RELATIONSHIPS can be challenging, complicated, and downright messy. In the same breath, they can be loving, fun, fulfilling, and feel downright good.


Juggling between the highs and lows of relationships can make it TOXIC and when that happens it might be time to tap out. But not without it sometimes leaving some scars and internal bleeding.


Some leave one toxic relationship and jump right into another one. Not taking time to reflect, release and restore themselves mind, body, & spirit. This leads to one dysfunctional relationship right after the next. 

If you have never taken the time to release yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, & energetically from a toxic relationship that you are no longer in...................



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"Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows."

How to know if you need a Toxic Relationship Release...

  • Have you gotten out of a toxic relationship but still feel connected to them somehow

  • You know you don't want to be with them but keep dreaming/thinking about them

  • You still anger, resentment, & with them,

  • You have conversations in your head of what you would like to say to them 

  • They seem to bring out the worst in you

  • You have lingering negative effects on your self-esteem and a sense of low value

  • You find yourself attracting the same type of men and end of the same toxic results

  • You carry unforgiveness in your heart towards them and it feels justified

  • You are in a healthy relationship now and you continue to filter your current relationship through the experience of your past toxic one.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you maybe still energetically connected to you EX husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, & lover and...........



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What you will LEARN & how you will HEAL while attending this
1-Day Powerful Retreat

When we are still energetically connected to others they can be pulling energy from you and vice versa. You can unknowingly be impacted by their energy, their thoughts, their life and you are no longer in their lives. 

This unsolicited connection can drain your energy, block you from making a wanted connection with others, and disrupt your day-to-day life unknowingly.

By attending this retreat you will LEARN:

  • Whether or not you are connected with this person(s) from a past relationship

  • What chakra(s) this connection is impacting

  • How this connection could be impacting your life

  • The benefits of the relationship & how they serve you

  • Healing techniques you can add to your tool box

  • Some of your own possible toxicity that you need to take responsibility for and shift it

By attending this retreat you will HEAL:

  • The energetic wounds from the relationship(s)

  • The blocked chakra system impacted & weaken

  • Your inner wounds that allowed the toxic relationship

  • Through a new grounded perspective of relationship

  • Any disconnection with yourself that lost 

  • From the limiting thought & beliefs that may have you in a low vibrational attracting lope


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Why is this Retreat Donation Based?

This powerful healing event is being made donation based in order for finances to not be an obstacal to keep people from receiving the healing they need and desire. 

The original cost for attending is full day event is valued at $250.

Give as you are able, for the life changing services you will receive. 

*Contenential breakfast, lunch, and snack are included

The One-Hour Yoni Steam is $75


Purchase  $25 for a Womb Cleansing Kit

(Paid separately to Practitioner)

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release yourself from a past toxic relationship and regain all 

Join me for an intimate & powerful process to energetically 

the energy & vivaltiy that you lost. 

 This One Day Healing Retreat will leave you feeling refreshed and reset.  The self-journey to healing the hurts of the past will empower you as you return to your home with greater confidence, trust in self and life, greater self-realization, and acceptance of what is & what was. 


This new state of awareness and being will be fostered through the teaching and practice of.........

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Get Together (8).png

Group Discussion

Get Together (4).png

Chakra Clearing

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Yoni Steam & Womb Healing

Get Together (5).png

Movement Medicine

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Art Therapy

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Elemental Purification


Energetic Cord Cutting

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