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Great Grandmother Ceremony

September 17-18, 2022

Fort Worth, TX


Ayahuasca is called grandmother because it's like a mother that heals you with her love, but also gives you tough love when needed.

For those coming to this page, you may have already heard the
Great Grandmother
calling out to you to come and partake. 

This particular healing ceremony is for women:


  • who have experienced troubled relationships with men

  • who have not seen healthy relationships growing up

  • who have been in and out of unhealthy relationships themselves

  • who need to heal from a painful father/daughter relationship

  • who want to assist in healing their female ancestral line

  • who have an inner angry and resentment toward men

  • who have been disappointed by the men and do not trust them

  • who want to tap more into their femininity

  • who want to heal and open their heart to giving and receiving love from the masculine.

Click below to view an in-depth documentary on the benefits and shared experiences of others who have taken Ayahuasha. 

Click the link below to join the Facebook Group

Women Who Heal, Grow, & Thrive

Space is limited as this will be a small intimate group.

$50 deposit through CashApp or Zelle will reserve your space. $HealwithFelicia - CashApp

682-559-1252 - Chase Zelle

*Remaining $300 will be paid the day of the ceremony.


Click the link below to book a registration call with me.

Afterwards you will receive a call from the Shaman prior to the ceremony.

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